Magwell for Tokyo Marui Model 17

The RWA Agency Arms Magwell for Tokyo Marui Model 17 was designed for the Model 17 series and is a sexy yet modern styled magwell that gives you gun character.

With all the correct markings and fully licensed by Agency Arms this is identical to the real steel Agency magwell. Its been designed to help reloading speed so its easier to insert back in. 

Outer Barrel for Magwell for Tokyo Marui Model 17

The RWA Agency Arms Outer Barrel Black Nitride for Tokyo Marui Model 17 is not just your ordinary outer barrel, it's something rather beautiful. Made from high quality stainless steel which gives it texture and durability, it is finished in Black Nitride, which is the same process to how real steel outer barrels are made.

Trigger for Tokyo Marui Model 17

Blank Battle Plate for RMR Slide

The Agency Arms trigger for Tokyo Marui Model 17 is the nearest thing one could get when compared with the real one. The Agency Arms trigger is a drop in replacement for your Tokyo Marui Model 17 / G series that combines the best of both worlds between a traditional trigger and a flat face trigger, it provides a flat face for quicker shots but has a curve in the end to indicate the end of the trigger. 

The RWA Agency Arms Blank Battle Plate that fills the void when the RMR is not installed. This plate is designed in a way that enables one hand manipulation of the firearm that increases safety. On the Battle Plate, the serrations and screw lugs are on the 45 angle cuts. Placing these serrations and lugs here, forces the shooter to angle the pistol away from the body when using one hand to rack the pistol. 

Made accurately to the specifications of Agency Arms. This Polymer lower grip does not include any internal parts and is designed to go with the RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat slide set. 

Airsoft Surgeon Custom

The Agency Arms 417 compensator is a two chamber design pistol comp that is intended to help mitigate recoil and reduce muzzle flip by channeling the forces leaving the barrel of the gun when the bullet is fired. In addition to being a compensator, it also provides a front sight hole for you to mount your front sight on, forming a creative solution that allows the shooter to track their targets better due to the front sight not having to cycle along with the slide.

Agency Arms 417 Compensator (14mm CCW) 

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