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The Agency Arms 417 compensator is a two chamber design pistol comp that is intended to help mitigate recoil and reduce muzzle flip by channeling the forces leaving the barrel of the gun when the bullet is fired. In addition to being a compensator, it also provides a front sight hole for you to mount your front sight on, forming a creative solution that allows the shooter to track their targets better due to the front sight not having to cycle along with the slide.

The airsoft version, though does not do any of the compensating as the real steel version, it provides the finishing touches to any G series pistol and takes an already decked out Agency Arms pistol to the next level. If you only have a stock G series pistol, it gives an otherwise generic and rather boring pistol the "Agency" treatment. Simply by breaking up the shape of the slide, the 417 adds a bit of flare while not making the pistol look over the top.

While the RWA Agency Arms 417 compensator might not be able to help with recoil mitigation or reduce muzzle flip on your airsoft gun, it also does boast the same feature of having a front sight hole on it. This will indeed provide the same sight tracking assistance to the shooter allow for better target acquisition. 



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