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RWA Tracer BBs are biodegradable and precision grade with a 5.95 */- 0.01mm diameter designed to work flawlessly. From premium Japanese GBB pistols like Tokyo Marui Hi-Capas to your precision-tuned AEG rifle, feeding is always smooth and jam-free. Our tracer BBs are made from biodegradable materials with a smooth finish for a more consistent FPS, more shatter resistance, and safer for the environment.

Consistent FPS:

Smooth surface finish and consistent shape & size means less friction within the inner barrel for stable FPS velocity.

Glow In The Dark:

When paired with a tracer unit, our tracer BBs will light up brightly indoors and outdoor in the dark. Whether you are just zeroing your airsoft gun or just wish to confirm you’ve hit your target, it has never been easier with our tracer BBs.

Safer For Your Eyes:

With the extensive use of wire mesh goggles,

a BB that shatters on impact can lead to shards entering through the holes in the mesh and injuring the player’s eye. Our biodegradable BBs hold together on impact to minimize the chances of injury.

Environmentally Friendly:

Our biodegradable BBs are made with PLA plastic, meaning they are 100% bio-sourced and biodegradable. That means users can use these BBs outdoor without the worry of polluting the environment.

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