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Limited edition MG34 has never been made until now by RWA. Only limited to 500 pieces ever made globally.

The MG34 was considered to be the world's first general-purpose machine gun and was the finest machine gun in the world of its time while under the deployment of the German Army. It was first tested by German troops aiding Franco's Nationalist in the Spanish Civil War. The MG34 has an effective range of over 2000 meters (>4400 feet) and had the ability to sustain a rate of fire up to 800-900 rounds per minute. It was light enough to be carried by a single soldier giving it a substantial advantage over other machine guns.

It took part in many wars, but that information is all boring. It's now time to get into the juicy tidbits of the RWA MG34. When it comes to 1-1 replicas, you won't find anything closer than the the one you see here. Everything was meticulously designed and crafted from steel, aluminium, and wood to best replicate its Real Steel counterpart. 

It comes in a rugged box that you'd think wouldn't fit the MG34, because it comes in 4 pieces which needs to be put together like Lego. Installation is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes. There's the main body, the stock, magazine and the bipod. The English manual will explain how to set it up but a RedWolf review will also be up soon so you can visually see how it's meant to be put together. As you can see from these photos, the gun simply looks stunning. Great effort was put into making sure the external finishing of the gun was as realistic as possible. Just look at the beautiful texture of the external barrel and the shine of that CNC receiver.

The MG34 has a custom gearbox especially designed for this MG34. It has 7MM bearings and has magic going on inside to make it run like a dream. It has a custom made motor, also designed and crafted by the RWA magicians. The battery it comes with uses a Large Deans PEQ 1300mAh 11.1V 20C Lipo Pack which fits perfectly inside and can be bought separately if you want a few more spares for full day games. The autowinding drum magazine is powered by a 9V battery (not included), and can be wound by pressing the button as seen in the photos, or by synchronized winding when the trigger is pulled. Spare drum magazines will be sold separately at a later time. The barrel is made out of Aluminium and brushed to make it look like steel. The magazine, bipod and upper receiver is actually made out of steel and doesn't need any further brushing. Believe it or not, the wood stock is real wood and was made to look as authentic as it could in relation to the Real Steel version.

But enough about the bits and bobs. How does it shoot?! How can I put it simply? It shoots like a dream. At 20 rounds per second, it does what a suppressive weapon is meant to do. Accuracy? The MG34 can hold it's own in terms of picking out targets but really - for a suppression weapon, accuracy is not your main concern! You point at a certain direction towards your enemies and it'll mow them down with a hose of BBs. Will they feel it? It really depends on the power restrictions of different countries. The standard international model shoots 330fps but different power levels are available for different countries.

This is as close to real steel as it gets although it runs on electricity. You won't find another MG34 that imitates the Real Steel as much as this boy does. WW2 fans, this is what you're looking for! 

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