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5,95 +/- 0.01 mm 2000rds

"Sooooooooo I really really liked the airsoft surgeon BBs. They seemed to be really consistent. Have a good polish so they didn't get stuck in my mags or in my barrel... They worked well. I've even been sifting through my footage of the day I played using them when it was really windy and they performed well then too"


- Milsim Medic


Airsoft Surgeon biodegradable BBs by RWA are competition grade and manufactured to 5.95 +/- 0.01mm precision. Bubble free composition and highly polished surface means our BBs fly straight and far. Airsoft Surgeon BBs conform to ISO 14855-1 standards, the ultimate aerobic biodegradability test of plastic materials. 

Over 95% Biodegradation Rate in 90 Days - Independent lab tests confirm our BBs degrade 96.5%* in 90 days, leaving very little residue behind. BBs start degrading 30 days after the bag is opened. Join Airsoft Surgeon in saving our planet!

Why 2000 rounds?
- The clock starts ticking once the bag is opened. Having too many rounds per bag means players end up with partially used bags that go unused for months and start to degrade, risking damage to your gun. Limiting each bag to 2000 rounds means you are guaranteed freshness every time you open a new bag for a game.

* Under conditions specified by ISO 14855-1 at room temperature with moderate levels of CO2 and humidity


  • Choke hazard - keep out of reach of children.

  • Store in a cool dry place.

  • Squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible before resealing after each use.

  • Avoid using BBs that have been open for 30 days.

  • Always wear eye protection, and only shoot in a safe and confined area.

  • NEVER point your Airsoft gun at a person, animal or other unsafe direction. 

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