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This new licensed Nighthawk Custom GRP Stainless Steel pistol is without question the most realistic airsoft pistol in the world. Full CNC high grade stainless steel both inside and out, the pistol feels like it is carved out of one solid piece of steel with absolutely no shake or wobbles of any kind. Everything is fitted together with absolute precision with extremely high tolerances. Building on the black version GRP steel released in 2014, this stainless version makes further enhancements by using a steel CNC inner frame as well which creates a much tighter fit between the slide and frame, and delivers smoother blow-back operation as well. The switches have also been manufactured in steel, including the grip strap safety. The entire pistol is steel except for a few internal components that are required to be polymer. The magazine is also finished in silver, together with a silver magazine butt plate. But the mind blowing feature of this gun is its performance with extremely strong recoil that will surprise most people. The finishing of the gun is incredibly beautiful and comes in an amazing piano black wood box along with a certificate of authenticity. All are individually serial numbered. If you are looking for the most realistic airsoft gun in the world, look no further.

More About The RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Stainless Steel Pistol
RWA as one of the most ambitious airsoft manufacturer in the world, have been striving at manufacturing the most realistic and high quality airsoft replicas for years and RWA have introduced the RWA Nighthawk GRP Recon - CNC Steel Limited Edition in 2014, the Covert Ops in 2015 and in 2016, RWA have decided to step up the game by bringing the Nighthawk Custom licensed RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Stainless Steel Limited Edition to the market. Don't be mistaken that this Nighthawk Custom GRP Stainless Steel Limited Edition is the same gun as the predecessor, because it's not. The new Stainless Steel version has further materials and tuning enhancements over and beyond the black version. While both are still based on the enhanced Marui 1911 system, this stainless version is even CNC steel on the inside. Grip strap safety is also in full steel and all switch-ware have all been upgraded as well. Edges have also been beveled for easier holstering. The difference is quite obvious when you pick up the stainless model ; the entire pistol feels even more solid than the black one with absolutely no shakes, wobbles or play of any kind - thanks to the precision CNC steel inner frame (the black version had a cast inner frame).

The new RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Stainless Steel Limited Edition feels like a Swiss watch in your hand, everything has been perfected, from the hairline polishing, the deep engraved markings, the sharp slide serrations, the slant cut on the lower frame, the checkering on the front of the grip and the build quality are all of the highest standards. The RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Stainless Steel Limited Edition simply express the highest standard of a factory made airsoft pistol that was based on the well polished design of Nighthawk Custom. Both sides of the gun have received a hairline polish that gives a distinct reflection that also contrasts with the deep laser engraved markings of Nighthawk Custom and the rest of the gun has been sand blasted to give a matte silver finishing. The steel components in addition to the slide and lower frame include:

  • Blowback frame housing

  • Hop up base

  • Hammer sears

  • Hammer

  • Trigger face,

  • Trigger base

  • Main spring housing

  • Recoil spring guide

  • Recoil spring plug

  • Outer barrel

  • Barrel bushing

  • Magazine release 

The lower frame is cnc made so the tolerance is much more better than the predecessor, and the magazine has been redesigned so it will not get caught half way in of being inserted. The grip panels on this gun is one of the things RWA is most proud of, it was the closest thing to the real one this is made to the same manufacturing standards of the real one using micrata - same material on the real Nighthawk Custom. RWA have also listened to customer feedback and made changes to the magazine, now the one that comes with the gun is a silver aluminum magazine with a CNC made magazine base, the magazine spacing have also been improved to allow free drop without sacrificing a tight seal for strong blowback. The authentic engravings are also one of the things RWA was most proud of this gun, it has all the markings right where they should be placed, marked 'Nighthawk Custom' with the Hawk logo deep laser engraved into the left side of the slide; 'G R P Global Response Pistol ' on the right and 'Nighthawk Custom Berry Ville AR USA NHC' on the frame - exactly like the real thing. The Grip safety, slide release and manual safety despite not being made in CNC Stainless Steel, it is MIM metal and electroplated in silver color that contrasts with the rest of the pistol. A three dot notch type sight could also be found on top of the pistol

Shooting this gun is as satisfying as looking at the gun itself, being powered with a 12g CO2 capsules and having a hefty slide helps to give a strong recoil with every trigger pull, the checkering on the frame and the patented Gator grip panels have provided excellent gripping on the gun to eliminate any slip. The Marui based system also means it could be upgraded with Marui spec inner barrels and hop up buckings / rubber if you prefer to tinker and tune the gun, although this Stainless GRP is already tuned for high accuracy out of the box.

The final difference to note between the black GRP Recon and this stainless steel GRP is that this model does not have a lower rail - as stainless models are typically executive carry pieces. If you are looking for a more tactical model, then get the black version GRP Recon. The real Nighthawk Custom GRPs are highly coveted pieces that are in short supply with a huge waitlist. Prices for the real model start from $3000 with options raising the price even higher. Without a doubt, this RWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Stainless Steel is a very special piece - a gun designed for those for look for ultimate realism in an airsoft pistol. This truly is as real as you can get.

About Nighthawk Custom:
Nighthawk Custom is an American firearms company based in Berryville, Arkansas, USA, and was founded in 2003 by experienced gunsmiths who left Wilson Combat to focus exclusively on ultra high precision custom pistols. Nighthawk Custom specializes in military, law enforcement, civilian and competition pistols. The company has a long standing partnership with Richard Heinie, a respected figure in the M1911 community, in developing premium 1911 pistols. Nighthawk Custom also works with Chris Costa to create a tactical line of pistols. Learn more about Nighthawk Custom at 

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