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The Nighthawk Custom War Hawk is a unique 1911 that stands out amongst the competition.  At first glance, you will be taken back by its striking tri-cut slide design giving it an aggressive look.  In addition to the slide sporting the head turning tri-cut, it also has prominent serrations both up front and at the back for sure purchase when racking the slide.  Finally, there are top serrations that come to an arrow point right behind the red fiber optic front sight helping the shooter track targets easier.


Several of the RWA Nighthawk Custom War Hawk’s internals are of the tried and true Tokyo Marui specification, meaning you will enjoy consistent performance and the ability to swap out said parts if or when deemed necessary. Pairing its TM spec internals with the ability to run both green gas or Co2, each shooter will have the flexibility to choose which platform best suits them for their task at hand.


In terms of performance, you will get a 1911 that potentially puts its competition to shame.  The slide’s tri-cut seemingly lightens its overall weight giving the War Hawk almost unparalleled cycling speed in its category.  The recoil is satisfying and doesn’t feel like it is about to kick out of your hand but yet you feel it firmly drive its impulse to the rear, directly into your palm.  The trigger pull is smooth, short, and straight back like you would expect on any 1911 and it almost has a “performance” feel to it.  Combining all of this with its arrow patterned top serrations and red fiber front sight and you have a pistol that will shoot like a dream.  

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Blacked Out Rear + Fiber Optic Front Sights

With these iron sights combination, not only it will aid shooters to have a quicker target acquisition, but it also resembles looking into a red dot. Allowing users that uses a red dot to have a familiar sensation.

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Tokyo Marui Spec Internals

Though the internal is enhanced, we understand that some internal parts could wear out over time. Being Marui spec, users can easily repair/ replace the pistol's parts.

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•    Fully Licensed by Nighthawk Custom

•    Tokyo Marui Spec Internals

•    Compatible With Green Gas & Co2

•    Red Fiber Optic Front Sight

•    Aggressive Tri-cut Angular Slide Design

•    Fast Cycling Slide

•    Strong Recoil

•    Can Swap To A Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Lower For A Basic Double Stack Upgrade

Aggressive Tri-cut Angular Slide Design

The tri-cut top not only gives the War Hawk a more modern look to it, but it also allow the shooter to have a quicker and easier purchase of the front serrations.

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Double Stack Upgradeability

Simply swap this slide to a complete Marui hi-capa lower and this pistol can now take hi-capa magazines.

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