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Nighthawk Custom Agent 2 CO2 Airsoft Pistol
Gas Blowback Pistol
Power Sources:
CNC Steel, Stainless Steel
Magazine Capacity:
25 + 1 rds

Made In Hong Kong

  • Fully Licensed by Nighthawk Custom

  • Fully Licensed by Agency Arms

  • Fully Licensed Railscales Grip Panels

  • Phosphating finish for Black model, Sand blasting finish for Silver model

  • Tokyo Marui MEU System

  • Co2 Ready

  • Made with CNC Steel & Stainless Steel

  • Government size and 5" Barrel with Light Rail

  • Stainless Steel Crowned Flush-Cut Outer Barrel

  • Agency Front and Rear Cocking Serrations

  • Hook Style Blacked Out Rear Sight

  • Nighthawk Style Fiber Optic Front Sight

  • Nighthawk/ Agency Custom Trigger

  • Matching Texture on Front and Back Pistol Grip, and Controls

  • Extended, Faceted, and Angled Magazine Catch

Meticulously crafted and designed down to the last detail, the Nighthawk Agent 2 is the next evolution of collaboration between Nighthawk Custom, Agency Arms, and Railscales. Utilizing the “One Gun, One Gunsmith” approach, Nighthawk has taken the 1911 platform to an all-new level of competitive shooting innovation with the same hand-crafted quality and beauty, synonymous with Nighthawk Custom. The Agent 2 was designed to push the boundaries of the 1911 target shooting in both form and function. Combining gunsmith craftsmanship with modern machining techniques, the resulting pistol speaks for itself with its range accuracy. A truly unique and stunning firearm designed with the competitive shooter in mind, the Agent 2 stands as the epitome of innovation.


RWA is the worldwide exclusive license holder for all 3 brands. It is only natural for RWA to produce an airsoft version of the Agent 2. RWA chose to employ the Marui-based standard, which is arguably one of the best gas blowback systems by far. Not only does the gun perform smoothly and consistently out of the box, but it is also ready to accept many aftermarket upgrade parts should the user decide to further upgrade the pistol; furthermore, this pistol has been pre-upgraded to handle Co2, making this the hardest kicking pistol out of the box. CNC Steel means the slide will fit the frame nicely and snugly with minimal wobble, yet cycles smooth and crisp at the same time. Nighthawk and Agency Arms left nothing untouched on this 1911. If you pay attention to the controls, front and back of the pistol grip; you will see that all the parts are uniquely designed and have a matching texture. You can of course expect to see those details on the RWA Agent 2 as well.


The RWA Nighthawk Custom Agency Arms Agent 2 Pistol closely resembles its real counterpart in both appearance and function. No matter if you are a collector, an active airsofter, or someone that is seeking a beautiful yet effective training tool, the RWA Nighthawk Custom Agency Arms Agent 2 is sure not to disappoint.

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