Airsoft Surgeon have teamed up with RWA to bring you the RWA 12g CO2 Capsules that will change your CO2 game dramatically. They can be used with airgun, airsoft, especially with CO2 pistols or the Wolvering Wraith M4 Stock, and paintball. These 12g metallic capsules are CO2 cartridges allows you to shoot in rapid succession, without having to manually pump between shots. The pack includes 40 capsules for reliable and consistent performance.

Disclaimer: Due to safety concerns and the regulations of the Dept. of Transportation, all compressed air cartridges will have to be shipped by surfacemail (by boat). Once you purchase the product, our Customer Service Dept. will send you an email making sure if you are okay with waiting 4-8 weeks for delivery. Thank you for your patience. 

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