The conversion kit includes a set of BAD556 LW (Light Weight) Receivers, BAD 14.5" Ultramatch Lightgrid outer barrel, Fortis Switch 556 Rail System -  12" Keymod, and the BAD VERT Stock. 

The BAD556 LW receiver, BAD 14.5" Ultramatch Lightgrid outer barrel, BAD Lightweight low profile gas block and the BAD VERT Stock has all been fully licensed by Battle Arms Development so it will carry the full BAD trademarks and the RWA logo.   The BAD556 LW receiver stands out from other receivers with its unique lightening cuts, flared and beveled deep magwell and an one-piece integrated trigger guard. In the front is a 14 inch long BAD Ultramatch Lightgrid barrel and the signature BAD Lightweight low profile gas block.

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